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''Innovate for Success''

Grow your network internationally, build your innovation and leadership skills and learn how to identify and solve the problems holding back growth in your own organisation by tapping into the combined knowledge and experience of our global community of business leaders through our monthly executive peer-to-peer support program.

What Is It?
•    An ongoing monthly program of 1 hour online learning, networking and executive support sessions built around the theme of innovation as a driver for business growth.
•    Highly participative events, bringing together senior business leaders from all over the world and from a diverse range of industry sectors, with parallel programs run in US-EU and Asia-EU time zones. 
•    Join with a 6 or 12 month individual or corporate subscription. Discounts for groups of 6 or more and corporate sponsorship options also available.
•    Prices includes FREE 1-on-1 coaching sessions with a world class TTIP business consultant.


What Our Participants Say
•    We have already hosted participants from 19 countries and the list is still growing.
•    Our sessions so far have received a 95% approval rating, and this is what some of the participants have said;

          o    "A strong training ground for business leaders"
          o    "A fresh idea and platform that opened my eyes"
          o    "’It was definitely worth my time and good to expand each leader out of our own siloed vision"
          o    "It went quickly, which is always a good indicator of interest and value"
          o    "The TTIP team are excellent facilitators, helping everyone feel at ease, involved and keeping the meeting moving along"
          o    "An impressive group of attendees, challenging topics and lively discussions"
          o    "Provides me a safe environment for valuable personal reflection"
          o    "I really enjoyed this, thank you to TTIP!"
          o    "Excellent session. I’m looking forward to future sessions"

•    We regularly host senior leaders from some of the biggest companies and organizations on the planet, including;




Who Should Join?

Suitable for C-level executives, directors, functional leadership roles, heads of department, and up and coming junior managers in small, medium and large companies in any business sector where the company is looking to grow to the next level.

Why Should You Join?
  • You will gain a clear understanding of how innovation works in business, and how it relates to your own business.

  • You will highlight the key growth challenges holding back your organisation and leave each event with practical ideas on how to overcome them.

  • By giving you access to a diverse range of industry leaders it guarantees you a fresh approach to your own business challenges.

  • Open access to TTIP consultants (maximum 1 hour per month) will ensure your ideas are implemented in your work environment and deliver positive impact.

  • Nowhere else will you find yourself brushing shoulders with Board members of multi-$b companies and other senior business leaders.

Our Current Event Program
  • Each session starts with a 10 minute introduction to the topic, based around new tools and techniques or case studies, to stimulate discussion and input from your peer group.

  • Every month we also host a free 1.5 hour introductory session for those who have not already attended. You can watch the opening speech from one of our recent events on our YouTube channel at

  • Our current provisional program of events is listed below but will be subject to change based on topics of most relevance to the networking group.

    • Oct’20             Crisis driven innovation and the effect of the Covid pandemic

    • Nov’20             The role of leadership in innovation

    • Dec’20             Collaborating effectively with other organizations

    • Jan’21              Identifying new growth opportunities

    • Feb’21             Accelerating innovation

    • Mar’21             Winning hearts and minds to create a culture of innovation

    • Apr’21             Diversity and innovation

    • May’21            Coaching for innovation

  • Individual subscriptions are £650 for 6 months membership or £900 for 12 months and can be purchased by Credit/Debit Card or through PayPal by clicking on the buttons below or via bank transfer (contact us for details).


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