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Transforming Technology into Profit

"The Strategic Innovation Company - We unlock the true potential of your business to grow through innovation"
TTIP Consulting is a specialist management consultancy that helps businesses all over the world achieve sustainable, profitable growth by unlocking their potential to grow through innovation..

We help companies transform ideas into profit by building a culture and organisation that promotes innovation, and by giving them the tools to deliver on it.
Our international team of experts offer a truly global reach, and all our products can now be delivered though online, remote working packages to meet the demanding needs of businesses today and moving forward in the post-Covid world.

Executive Coaching

We can help you identify personal challenges, set goals and support you to achieve growth

Innovation Audits

We can identify the organisational, process and behavioural barriers holding back growth of your business and build an improvement plan

Innovation Workshops

We can set you on the right path with our training courses on Innovation Leadership & Culture

Innovation Processes

We can set up the latest innovation management tools in your organisation

Strategic Advisers

We deliver valuable strategic support, including leading Roadmap, Hackathon, Brainstorming & other events

New Business Development

We can help you identify new market opportunities and support delivery of your new products to market


TTIP Consulting offers a new and unique approach to the art of innovation. Our aim is to help our clients nurture their new ideas, guide them through the complexities of their corporate world and transform them into successful new products to better serve their customers’ needs.

TTIP Consulting’s founder and Managing Director, Dr Andy Wynn, has over 30 years of experience in leading the profitable growth of emerging technologies. ‘My career long passion has been ‘Transforming Technology into Profit’, creating new technologies and building new businesses from them.'

TTIP Consulting works primarily with B2B industrial and high tech manufacturing companies, from small, single site start ups to global multinationals.



For new product development to be successful, processes are vital. All the templates and checklists that consultants use are important for helping to make sense of the huge amounts of data you have to work through, but all of this will not bring you success on its own. Why? Because innovation is primarily about people. With 30 years’ experience in refining the process of innovation and putting it into practice all over the world, this is what TTIP Consulting can bring that other consultancies do not.



Not happy with your new product development activities? Too slow bringing new products to market? Worried that your teams are not collaborating effectively? Do your great ideas disappear into an organisational black hole? Or do you want to start growing your business  but simply have no idea where to start? TTIP Consulting can help you with our range of services to get you on track with delivering profitable sustainable growth for your business.


With over 30 years of experience in leading the profitable growth of emerging technologies, and having worked with some of the biggest companies on the planet, we have broad experience in helping companies to deliver successful products into a wide variety of industrial markets, including petrochemical, energy and renewables, metals, refractories, minerals, automotive, aerospace, rail, mining, marine, semiconductor and medical devices.



E-mail or call us to discuss your Innovation and Strategic Growth needs. We have a wide range of services, all now delivered online;


   - Auditing of your existing Innovation processes to

     identify bottlenecks

   - 'Innovation Leadership Workshops' to provide a clear                   framework for Innovation around which a Company can               realign itself

   - 'Leadership for Change and Innovation Workshops' to build

     a culture of innovation within your business

   - We can embed the latest New Product Development 

     Project and Portfolio management systems into your


   - Strategic Growth Planning and Facilitation of One Off Events 

     such as Technology Roadmaps and Brainstorming

   - We can roll out the latest New Business Development

     Pipeline management systems across your organisation

   - We can help you internationalise your business with our 

     Asia based new business development team

   - We can help you identify and create new revenue streams           through our Business Diversification programme

   - We can manage complete New Product and New Business         Development Projects for your business

   - We can help you realign your business for growth through           new products

   - Coaching & Mentoring Services for Technology and New

     Business Development Leaders

   - Due Diligence Services to support Private Equity


TTIP Consulting


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